ICM is a leader in crisis management and crisis communications training and education.

We offer a variety of customized coaching, training and educational workshops to help corporate leaders, communicators and crisis team members develop the competencies needed to guide organizations successfully through a business crisis. Leaders and managers who train with ICM learn to:

  • Develop early warning systems to detect issues before they become a crisis
  • Take actions to prevent issues from escalating
  • Be prepared when a crisis hits with a well-organized, executable plan
  • Mitigate the financial and operational effects of the crisis
  • Lead internal and external stakeholders through the crisis
  • Prepare for tough media interviews and handle them with confidence
  • Find opportunities in the crisis to improve the organization and prevent future crises

Crisis Leadership Development

ICM can help you identify key people from your executive staff as members of the crisis leadership team and provide role-specific training so they can act quickly and decisively when a crisis occurs.  Team members learn to interact and function effectively during a crisis. Programs are fully customizable for crisis team training and development, and delivered on-site.

Communications and Media Training

ICM has been a leader in crisis communications training since 1990.  We train public relations/ communications leaders to write and practice various crisis response statements for the media, prepare and deliver messages to internal stakeholders and employees and tackle tough media interviews with confidence. Practitioners learn to identify spokespersons and determine who should speak on behalf of the organization.  They learn to develop all of the communications for delivery at each stage of the crisis: immediately after it hits, updates throughout, and follow-up after crisis has passed.